Who We Are

We are Samaritan Care Partners of Oregon, LLC, a client-centered home health care and supported living services agency in Portland. From simple meal prep help to specialized Alzheimer’s care, we treat every service we provide as an opportunity to honor each client’s unique needs in a sincere and compassionate manner—all from their homes. Our credentialed agency provides a comprehensive suite of services, including personal care, housekeeping, medication, and more. 

But anybody can clean and help with medication reminders—it’s the skills that you can’t train that set Samaritan Care Partners apart from the rest. Our professional caregivers are carefully selected for their empathy, compassion, and communication skills. We know the pain of watching your loved one be spoken over as they’re trying to connect with the people they see every day. It’s our promise that we will stop, look them in the eye, and have a real conversation with them as trusted friends. Call us today for a free consultation, and we will open a dialogue with you to ensure your loved one receives the best possible care.

Guiding You Through This Momentous Decision

For both clients and their loved ones, we understand that choosing between a care facility and in-home care can be overwhelming. You want to feel completely confident that, no matter how much assistance is needed, your loved one is treated like a human being worthy of respect and dignity, not just another name on a chart. Even after deciding you want in-home care, the question remains: who? This is why we go beyond simply touting our suite of services, educating you and your family on the entire process so you can make the most well-informed decision possible.

Your needs and preferences will take center stage in this conversation. We will craft a customized service plan that prioritizes these exact needs with no fluff and in a way that works with your budget. In your free consultation with Samaritan Care Partners, we will hand-pick the people caring for your loved one. From that point on, we'll reach out to you on a weekly basis at the very minimum to ensure continued quality and compatibility of care, submitting a monthly report as well.

What We Do: We empower people of all ages and ability levels to thrive in the safety and comfort of their own homes by offering a range of tailor-made care services, including personal care, housekeeping, aging-in-place, and medication assistance. We also help people with disabilities find employment opportunities well-suited to their passions, skills, and abilities, and can counsel clients as to any government or private sources of funding that may cover care costs. As architects of the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, we are committed to keeping your loved one out of the hospital as much as possible. 

In this same spirit, we’ve developed our care services to match hospital-quality care so that your loved one can stay at home and receive constant care with no compromises. Our client-centered care model works towards clearly defined objectives, measuring progress towards these goals and tracking every step of the way so the entire care team (including family members) can be up to date on the client’s well-being. All the while, we incorporate client feedback and any changes in their condition to make the right adjustments as needed. But what does our actual onboarding process look like from an on-the-ground perspective? Read on for a guide on what to expect on day one of your experience.

Building Bridges: A Warm Introduction to In-Home Care

Samaritan Care Partners embraces an intuitive, conversation-based approach to accepting new clients in order to give each family the best possible opportunity to clearly articulate all of their needs and requests. In this initial conversation, we’ll establish what your most important items are in terms of needs you want to see met for your loved one. Once we’ve mapped out the services they will need, we will educate you on your funding options. 

After we’ve ensured the services you need will fit within your available budget, we will craft an official service plan. This is the part of the process where you partner with us to choose the people who will interact with the client, and any other requests or details specific to your scenario that need addressing. After care has begun, we perform weekly quality checks, submitting a report directly to you on a monthly basis. This process is designed for you to feel completely comfortable on day one and beyond, so if that’s not the case, we always ask you to vocalize any concerns so that we can overcome them and move forward together.

Here’s a closer look at our services, all of which are customizable to meet the needs of every client and their families:

Personal Care

We provide our clients with everything they need to go about their daily lives safely and with dignity, including bathing, dressing, toileting, mobility, nutrition, feeding, and other hygiene services. Far from a cookie-cutter care model, our client-centered personal care approach mirrors your loved one’s nutritional needs, mobility status, and of course, their own wishes and preferences. 


Unlike general housekeeping services, we take things a step further by optimizing the client’s living space to maximize their safety and independence, so that they can move more freely, access the items they need with less (or no) assistance, and feel even more comfortable in their own home. As always, the client is co-captain of this effort, ensuring they can be in control of their surroundings while also removing any hindrances to their independence.


Whether it’s reliable transportation, meal preparation, incontinence care, or a combination, our aging-in-place services allow each client to manage their home and schedule safely and reliably. These services are specifically intended to keep the client as independent as possible without having to rely on additional caregivers of facility care, and as always, we are happy to discuss and accommodate the unique needs of each client. 


From simple medication reminders to nursing services and medication administration, Samaritan Care Partners will confidently manage each client’s medication plan. We are fully credentialed to provide clients with everything they need to maintain their medication regimens safely and consistently, all in service of our mission to maximize time spent at home and encourage each client’s personal accountability.


Nursing Care

Samaritan Care Partners of Oregon brings the same caliber of nursing care from the top hospitals in your area to the comfort of your own home. What hospital nurses can do, our licensed nursing professionals will do, including administering medications, managing illnesses and post-operative care, and much more. But beyond caring for your physical healthcare needs, every nurse we employ is sensitive to their client’s emotional well-being, providing the support they need to confidently navigate life’s changing seasons in a way that makes them feel heard, understood, and deeply cared for.

Hourly, Live-In, or Overnight Services

For clients best suited to part-time, hourly assistance, we offer an hourly care service. Rest assured, opting for hourly care in no way compromises quality of care, as we will still cover the same range of services while staying committed to enhancing quality of life and brightening each day for every client. The same goes for our overnight care services, which emphasize creating a peaceful, restful environment while still vigilantly attending to client needs as they arise. Finally, our live-in services provide clients with around-the-clock support, providing a sense of safety and companionship while still encouraging the client’s independence and freedom of expression. If you’re not sure which service is most appropriate for your loved one, or if you have any other questions, call us today for a free consultation.

Why We’re Better

We’re as upset as clients’ families are at the sight of an uncomfortably seated client failing to get the attention of their phone-gazing caregiver. As people who have personally been through this with our parents, we know firsthand that a fruitful client-caregiver relationship is forged with compassion and communication from the very start. To better realize this outcome for every single person under our care, we have allied with more than 500-in home agencies from which we can draw support, and always start each relationship by listening to the client’s story and establishing their exact needs and preferences. Read on to learn more about the pillars on which we found our philosophy as a client-centered home care agency.


Caregiving isn’t challenging because it is highly technical. It’s challenging and rewarding because, when done well, it encompasses such a broad range of factors that change with each client. Our commitment to quality starts with the recognition that we can’t approach each client the same way. From nursing services to companionship and everything in-between, the underlying effort that separates so-so caregiving services with ours is the same effort that creates any meaningful relationship: actively seeking to learn more about the client while sharing more about ourselves every day. This is how we view our commitment to quality—not just coordinating and providing care expertly, but striving for a level of companionship that only time and mutual vulnerability can provide.



Elderly and/or disabled family members are just like everyone else; they can tell when they are being pandered to. This is why we strongly emphasize engaging in real, honest, and open conversations with clients to all of our caregivers. In the same way we wouldn’t speak to a 30-year-old with baby talk, we don’t use it with our clients. They are treated with the utmost respect, and we are equally open with their family members, whether it’s a matter of billing, assessing and reporting on the client’s behavior, or any other matter. Simply put, neither the caregiver nor the client wants to engage in phony conversation, so we simply speak to them as we would any other person who has real life experiences and opinions of their own worth sharing.


Real-world demands dictate the need for real-world solutions, which is why we are as flexible and upfront as possible with clients and family members when it comes to patient assessments and reporting, needed services, billing, and any other logistical matters that need handling. We fully understand that care services are a significant expense for most families, which is why we both price our services affordably and assist families in securing funding when possible. The same goes for the care itself—if a client is simply not going to fit into a particular plan, then we will change exactly what needs to be changed to suit their needs comfortably, and continue to make changes whenever they’re needed. 

Emotional Support

While the kindness of a passing stranger is always a welcome blessing, there’s nothing like the support of a caregiver who watches after you every day. It is this elevated level of support that we strive for, which requires forging an authentic human connection with each client over time. Just like the rest of us, every home care client has unique experiences, fears, insecurities, and needs. It’s each caregiver’s mission to address these authentically and effectively. 

Apply To Be a Caregiver Here

Samaritan Home Care Partners is in business to provide the best care for those in need. To be the best, we need the best people, and we realize that to get the best people, one needs to pay the top wages. At Samaritan Home Care Partners, we pay the top wages in the industry.

Moreover, we have a unique program that converts the time you have worked into a token that you can either sell or trade back to Samaritan Home Care Partners in exchange for our services. If you need house cleaning or meal preparation services in the future, the time you worked at Samaritan Home Care Partners can supply those services at no additional expense to anyone you choose.

Please call us at 1(833) 378-3977 or contact Scott for details at [email protected] 


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