Samaritan Care Partners of Oregon will work directly with clients and their families to establish budgetary limits and determine exactly which services are needed with full transparency. As always, it is the client and their family that leads this effort alongside our team, and we will always be clear and straightforward when billing—there are no “surprise” expenses to worry about. As part of our ongoing commitment to increase access to quality care as much as possible for each client, we can also identify government or private programs that may help fund care. Combined with our affordably priced services, we’re confident that all clients can have access to high-quality care. Whatever a client’s perfect arrangement looks like, our promise is that they (and their families) will be completely clear on the costs after establishing a care plan. Call us today for a free consultation, and we’ll work with you to secure funding and establish an affordable in-home care plan.

With many combined decades of healthcare experience, a positive reputation throughout the Portland area and beyond, a team of fully licensed and credentialed professionals, and access to a 500-strong network of partnering in-home agencies, we confidently stand by our work as trusted partners in independent living. Regrettably, poor reliability of caregivers is a prevalent issue throughout the in-home care industry, which is one reason why we so strongly emphasize frequent and transparent contact with each client’s loved ones. More than just promising reliable and high-quality care, we actually show you, providing comprehensive reports and assessments on a regular basis to loved ones. Call us for a free consultation today, and we will show you why we’re among the most trusted and reliable in-home care solutions in Oregon.

Our fully trained and licensed caregiving team offers the full gamut of in-home care services, including nursing and dementia care, transportation, bathing, housekeeping, and much more. From the very first point of contact with clients and their loved ones, we make sure that everyone in the situation is fully apprised of and satisfied with the services that the client will receive. This is another reason why we strongly emphasize open and honest collaboration from the beginning—so that the in-home care plan can proceed with minimal anxiety for family members. We fully appreciate the gravity of the situation, and we understand that family members who assist in the transition to in-home care feel responsible for how their loved ones’ are treated from then on. Call us for a free consultation today, and we will put your mind at ease by working with you to establish an in-home care plan for your loved one.

In the case of sending your loved one to a care facility, the answer to this question is hazy. Thankfully, one of the greatest benefits of in-home care is, of course, the “home” aspect. We’re firm believers in the healing power of living as independently as possible in a home environment that you have complete control over, and our clients agree. Regardless of the nature or amount of assistance needed, our comprehensive range of nursing, housekeeping, transportation, and other care services are made to fit perfectly into each client’s routine so they can keep living as they always have. And if anything changes in the client’s emotional well-being, we keep a constant line of communication with family members so that everyone can make the adjustments needed to make sure the client is where they want to be. Call us for a free consultation, and we’ll work with you to set up the ideal in-home care service for your loved one.

Where care facility residents often interact with a less predictable rotation of several nurses and other providers, Samaritan Care Partners emphasizes consistency and reliability, ensuring each client has the opportunity to form authentic human connections within a very tight-knit group of caregivers (or just one, needs pending). When clients know they can depend on a specific caregiver(s) to always be there, they feel safer and more confident in their continued well-being. Family members are also very much looped in on the care arrangement, as it’s an integral part of our process to choose the client’s caregivers with you. From day one, you will know who is in charge of care, and will be promptly informed of any later changes. Call us for a free consultation today, and we can begin the process of pairing your loved one up with their compassionate and compatible caregiver.

 When you choose Samaritan Care Partners of Oregon for your loved one’s in-home care needs, we open a line of communication that stays open and active for the duration of your loved one’s time under our care. As part of our commitment to transparency, we send regular updates and assessment reports to keep you caught up on their healthcare situation and their emotional well-being. The ability of the client to stay at home and this open line of communication are instrumental in making the transition to in-home care as seamless and enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. Call us for a free consultation today, and we’ll open a dialogue that will stay open throughout the duration of your loved one’s care. 

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