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Samaritan Care Partners of Oregon, LLC provides superior home care through our highly skilled and well-educated carers. Our expert in-home carers are committed to satisfying your specific requirements and preferences. Enjoy the security, comfort, and independence of outstanding care while remaining in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.  

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Nurturing Dignity in Every Service

All services
All services
Home Care and Supported Living Services

Home Care and Supported Living Services

Daily Life Tasks That We Can Perform

Bathing Assistance

Bathing procedures vary for each person, but our professional caregiving team respects the sensitivity required to make our clients enjoy bathing routines, no matter what mobility challenges or health limitations they are facing.

Dressing Assistance

Samaritan Care team is happy to provide clients with dressing assistance as one of the essential in-home care services. We understand that even the necessary everyday tasks, once done with ease, can become more challenging – we are here to facilitate them.

Walking Assistance

It starts with companionship and support for those who need an excellent interlocutor with professional skills. The walking assistance service also includes transportation assistance, such as pushing a wheelchair, guiding your loved ones, and assisting with transitions and transfers.

Meals & Diet

Samaritan Care Partners specialists conduct food shopping, preparation, and serving of nutritious dishes for any specific need and at any time. Personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and choosing only high-quality products are the basis for planning the menu.

These Are the Most Common Care We Provide

  • Early-Stage Caregiving
  • Middle-Stage Caregiving
  • Late-Stage Caregiving
  • Behaviors
  • Aggression & Anger
  • Anxiety & Agitation
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Memory Loss & Confusion
  • Repetition
  • Sleep Issues & Sundowning
  • Suspicion & Delusions
  • Wandering
  • Abuse

Things That Make Us the Best

Samaritan Care Partners can also provide clients with professional hair care. We can bring a barber or beauty salon to your home with a licensed hair care professional.

After discussing your diet, we provide caloric intake information as well as data for those who wish for food that matches their body chemistry. We provide testing to see which foods match your DNA and can cook daily or weekly meals accordingly.

Samaritan Care Partners has cooperated with local farms to source fresh local produce harvested and prepared for your table, all within a 20-mile radius of your home. Please set up an appointment with our nutrition specialist to hear more.

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